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Riff you most play on the guitar.

Fender Bender_dup1

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You know, you pick up and start looseing up. What riff do you knock out to start off? For me it's quite often La Grange. That riff has been recycled so many times, it's no wonder the top had an album called 'Recycler'. Recent La Grange inspired man numbers Goldfrapp Ooh La La..La Grange rip off. And further back, Shania Twain's 'Man I feel like a Woman'...should read, man I feel like Billy Gibbons.
Give me a break!
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Usually the 1st Crossroads solo or the Stairway to Heaven solo is what I use to warm up. For chord riffs, I usually play "Train, Train".


But mostly, I play the 5 basic pentatonic patterns.. especially if I'm gearing up to do serious technique work (arpeggios and scales mostly).

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