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OT: this looks very cool

EmptinesOf Youth

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True dat. I'd love something like that for photoshop retouching, especially if you could use a pen with it. - oops, looks like that part is just coming up.


I'd first use it like a Wacom Cintique, which is our of my range of financial abilities.

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Minority Report stuff.

It's better with a VR suit or interface like that used in Full Disclosure.


There ya go... a complete orchestra decked out in VR suits with each musician playing to the digital representation of their respective instruments.


A giant Air Orchestra.


Yamaha sponsered a performance of Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations a short while ago using a servo motor driven grand piano. They fed it an audio stream of the digitized reproduction of the original recording and the piano played it just as precisely as Gould himself would .. if he were not dead.


Soon we'll have Bots, Led Zep-Bots on stage reinacting famous performances true to the original experience as it was recorded. The problem will be exactly what the problem has always been... making a Bot that can walk, let alone run, jump and spin a microphone.


Yep cool stuff is out there.... to take us over.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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Im not sure how you mean take us over? it seems like a vending machine would rank higher on the robot take over scale then this. This deals 100% with human interaction, thats the whole purpose of the product, to be more involved with what your doing. Why use a mouse when you can use your hands. Say you had an application where you could bring up a set of piano keys and play. How cool would that be, play piano on your computer screen without having to click or anything, your just playing.
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That was merely an extrapolation of the potential that technological advance brings in general. A very old muse to be sure.


I agree it's very cool and I did in fact expect him to pull up a keyboard!


The same ideas for interfaces that are independent or more naturally / ergonomically designed for humans were used in both of the movies I mentioned.


My example of the VR suits and software, just as the Yamaha piano are actually a full step ahead of this interface in many respects. They represent the fine sensory control that can be more naturally achieved as well as the mechanical precision that we're driving towards.


I have about a dozen touch screen systems implemented through my work and this adds a third dimension as well as a magnificent accomplishment in software programming.

We're still "touching" something here and we already know we can do without that from both ends of the stick. That's what my examples were meant to explain.


No... nothings going to take us over.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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I think one of the most exciting uses of this technology will be in recording interfaces. Imagine 50, 100, 200, 1000 tracks under your control with near instantaneous ability to zoom out to the big picture and back in to individual faders, expand a channel to the entire screen then effortlessly hide those controls after making tweaks, but without the constant mouse and drop menu controls. Instead, a few finger movements accomplish everything.


I can't wait!

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