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Tele gets his new case:

Dr. Ellwood

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Yep is the reissue tweed Fender OEM one.. my one that it was in kinda disintegrated! yep it's made for the Tele and is perfect..I have a few of them all the same and some that are brown tolex... and a couple that are original tweed. The reissue tweed ones are very close to the vintage but I did notice the tweed seems to be cut on a little different bias.
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Originally posted by mdrs:

Yea, the new tweed is "smoother", while original Tweed cases from the '50's are courser. Oh, and the originals go for about 2 to 3 grand these days!!! OUCH :eek:

Gezzz! yeah it's crazy! I've still got the original case from my 1956 Gretsch RocJet LOL... and it's in great condition, it fits a LesPaul very well...wish I still had the RocJet!
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