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I am headed to the hospital in an hour or so. Anyone who has read some of my posts know that I recently had major spinal surgery.


My semi-retirement while healing has now become an extended retirement until further notice as I have a bone infection that has spread though my hips and surgical area. (Found out yesterday after some tests came back)


I've been told I could be hospitalized several months so unless my wife sneaks in my blackberry, I will be absent with leave from the Internet.


The best to all of you. I hope to be back soon as this forum is one of my favorites.



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Wow, hope you get through this okay.


You should also try to sneak in a guitar too. :D


But in all seriousness I hope that you get through this with good health.

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Rest up, bud - we'll be here. We hope for a speedy and full recovery, and we'll see you soon. The bretheren here were very supportive during my hospitalization, and my girlfriend's cardiac episodes. We won't forget you, and can't wait to welcome you back.
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I wish we knew this sooner....


In case you somehow get to see this....


Hang in there, and keep on fighting it!! It may be a long fight, so stock up on bullets....


Best of Luck to you!!



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We'll be thinking about you. Take care. And we'll still be hanging out here when you get back.


Do us a favor, though...get your wife to log on now and again and let us know how you're progressing....

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