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Your favorite ZZ Top album?


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Why not one-stop-shop... They put out a box set a couple years ago called Chrome, Smoke & BBQ that's pretty comprehensive. It's on my xmas list this year...
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Get the set, "Chrome, Smoke, & BBQ." It doesn't have everything, but it's got a great sampling of early stuff (remastered too.......sounds great), as well as mid-period and new stuff. BG is god. Has anyone ever noticed how different he plays live, as opposed to in the studio? Live he's sloppier, and more economical, whereas in the studio, he plays some seriously trick shit. "Arrested For Driving While Blind," and "Shiek" for example.
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Originally posted by Griffinator:

Damn, now I got lyrics stuck in my head... here, you can have them too!


"Jesus just left Chicago

And he bound for New Orleans

Movin' from one end to the other

And all points in between"

that is what i was thinking the whole time.
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Rio Grande Mud is my favorite(how you gonna beat Just Got Paid and Apologies To Pearly?), followed by Fandango, then Tejas, then Deguello, then maybe Tres Hombres(been played to death as far as I'm concerned).


Hey, is anybody else aware of Bill Ham's other band, Point Blank? They made two albums with some great Texas blues rock on 'em.

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Tres Hombres is a definite, as it has Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago, Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, Precious And Grace, Master Of Sparks and La Grange. But make sure you get the version that was re-released this year; the original CD version was mastered with too much compression and reverb to make it sound "contemporary" to Eliminator, but wound up as a major headache mix.


One I haven't seen recommended yet that I recommend is Deguello, due to its stripped-down nature and ultra-cool clean and fuzzy tones. This is the one with Cheap Sunglasses, I Thank You, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide, A Fool For Your Stockings and Hi-Fi Mama .

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Tres Hombres has no cheese, filler of unnecessary cuts in my opinion and that was my feeling from the first time I dropped the needle.

Fandango, Mud in that order. No hype just good music.


When we decided to put together a ZZ set list we found the difficulty deciding what not to play. That was in 83 after they hit the video and people realized who they were.



I still remember the GP cover... ZZ Top.. a band too big for Texas! Collector copy no doubt.

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Originally posted by Guitar55:

Tres Hombres is great.


Has anyone lsitened to their latest, Mescalero? Great album with HUGE guitar tones and a very cool "hidden" version of "As TIme Goes By" from Casablanca!

yes, ive heard "Piece" quite a lot, and i like it

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