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Ok Dads, let's see the costumes.

A String

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My daughter, Josie, as a dragon fly - it was cracking us up so much we had portraits taken...



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Doh! I don't know if my wife took any (she was madly fixing and re-fixing Lilly's spider costume) and I haven't seen my digital in more than a month. :confused::(


She was hilarious. The body of the costume was hairy cloth like one might use for a Gorilla suit. The head was a hood and she wore my old "Death" mask that covers your face but can be seen through by the wearer. When they worked, the four middle legs were tied by thread to one another so if Lilly raised her arm, the next two legs rose with it. ;)


We were all dressed up.. Me as a mad doctor, my wife as a devil with a blue dress on and Lil'. It was quiet in our neighborhood for the most part so we took off for the mall around 8pm. Tried to get in for a sitting but they were booked up and most of the candy was either gone or had been stopped. Officially it ran from 6-8pm.


We still had a lot of fun. There were plenty of costumed people there. :thu:

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A-String - looks like you're into the hand-made costumes, too. My kids have gone as a turtle with a shell made out of this neat mountainous cardboard I found; Alice Cooper hawking for Big Bertha - complete with makeup, snake, golf club and Calloway hat; a lumber jack with a chain saw made out of a yellow gallon milk carton and super thick cardboard painted gray for the bar. My best costume (but most painful to remove) was going as a blow fish. My beard was about an inch long so I got moustach wax and waxed my beard into spikes, had greenish-yellow face paint and cut fins out and taped them to my cheeks. Didn't think I'd ever get that junk out of my beard.
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I'm not a Dad, but if I showed you what some of my friends went in, this would soon become an R-rated site. It's a family place, I'll keep it that way.


(For those of you not in the loop, Halloween for anyone between the ages of 14-30 is an excuse to dress like a slut and not get attacked by other females. Save your daughters and this culture, and please, as a college male, I beg of you, tell them to keep their clothes on. It gets really old really fast.)

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