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describe yourself as a guitar


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describe yourself as if you were a guitar.

Don and i have done this to a certain extent in another thread. i thought it would be a cool waste of time that i would like to share for no apparent reason other than i am bored and it is too late to plug the guitar in.

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Hi, I'm Don.


I have the THICKEST headstock you've ever seen.


I can do no harm, unless you really play me wrong......Then watch out, because you will pay the price...I might die, but YOU will pay!!


I have multiple pick ups, with extreme sensitivity. But, ironically, I do better when I'm played a bit too hard....


My tone is best when played ANGRY. That's why I don't play professionally....I don't like being angry all the time!!


My body is made of extremely heavy wood, but my face is made of light, joyous maple, which is not quilted, but rather has smiley's as it's grain pattern. But, looks can be deceiving...


I can play wireless, but do better when plugged in. I only fret when necessary, but usually if I do fret, it's worth paying attention to....I stretch to the extreme, and while I may not always be "on the note", I will always be emotive.


I am always there when you need me....selfless to the end.


What more can I say?



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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Big chunk of solid wood, condition, not too bad for year(a good year at that!!) some fretwear, been well played over a long time, the gold hardware is a little tarnished, but happily no belt buckle rash !!!!! :D still produce a good tone, a little crackly when first plugged in. could do with a set up :D


Love life, some twists and turns are more painful than others, but love life.....



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1960 model

short scale, slight wear on the finish.

a bit of a rub through on the top.

plump tone with boost in the mids.

all original parts, everything moves freely and works as it should.

wang bar is fully functioning with a stiff feel. :D

capacitors have been "clipped" as requested by present owner. ;)

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Lemon yellow, first of all. Holographic silver pickguard, possibly pearlized white. Maple fretboard with mother-of-pearl inlay. Don't let the girliness fool ya, though: distorted as all get-out and incredibly loud. Muhahaha.


Support bored teenage ghost hunters. www.myspace.com/rock_paranormal

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