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OT; Frost School of Music, U. of Miami


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My son Chris is a drummer (and guitarist!), who is considering going to The Frost School of Music, at the University of Miami. He wants to major in "Music Buisness Entertainment Industry" with minor in performance (I hope I got that right!).


Have any of you gone to school there? Do any of you know anything about this school? I've heard very good things, but would appreciate any info you may have to offer.


Thanks!! :wave:



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He wants to go to Miami to study music? Yeah right! We know why he wants to go to Miami. ;)


Seriously, I think there was a write up about the music school at this University years ago in GP. I remember it getting high marks, rivaling "the great" Berklee for guitar study.


But... I'm giving you info on something I read about years ago so I'm probably not much help.

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I graduated from the University of Miami School of Music in 1982. It's a fine school for sure. Obviously it's been several years since I was there and they have expanded their music programs tremendously during that time. PM me if you want to discuss. :) S.
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