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Sweet Home Alabama Run

Tone Taster

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Hhere's a lick I just improvised and transcribed



Constructve Critiques welcome


I wanted to follow the changes and run the relevant maj pents per chord


HOWEVER; the best way to play this tune is in G Major pent(a.k.a E minor pent) w/the Bb blue note


If you try to think primarily "D" you will sound like a dork - guaranteed


If you transcribe the solo, you will see that Ed King is in G maj pent 97% of the time


So don't be a dork and try to improv in "D" over this

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Ok Yez.. I have to understand exactly what you wnat me to do? Ok do you want me to play the rhythum part and overlay you solo over that? Ok I can play a track reading your notation and put that down.... wait.. ok now I'm getting mixed up... OR do we want to make all the solo's as if they where a backing track and add in the rhythm part? Talk to me Yez LOL!!! :eek::D:thu:
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