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OT: Snail mail


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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, but you only know a few words of it? Even worse, have you ever tried to learn the guitar part of a song that you don't know all that well? My dilemma exactly.

My Chemical Romance's new CD came out like two days ago... huzzah for "The Black Parade"! :love: Anyway, I ordered a copy of it like a good little fan. Then I made the mistake of going to their website, listening to the first minute of one of the songs three times in a row, and printing off the tab. Not only can I not figure out what I should be playing and when, but I can't remember the words.

URGH!!! :mad:

So here I am, trying desperately to remember what comes after "if I crash on the couch/can I sleep in my clothes" and wishing I'd preoredered sooner. Blasted snail mail.

By the way, if you listen to the CD, check out "The Sharpest Lives". It's good, but it's a definite earworm.


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