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Yes, as in past-tense GAS. Been looking for acoustic for a while and decided yesterday to get 'er done.


Played a bunch of stuff, asked the guy about low-end Martins. He hits a chord on this baby and my ears perked-up. Hit a chord myself with it and fell in love instantly. I love "easy" GAS! :)


Yep, it's a Martin DX-1. Part of the "purist" in me disagrees with the high pressure laminate, but according to their website, it is wood fiber laminate (my guess is a bond with some type of plastic).


Whatever the case, I love it!. Played some $700 to $2000 all wood guitars from Yamaha, Takamine (sp?) Alvarez etc. None had the tone this $500 guitar had. SOLD!


I think the composite part will be more resistant to temperature and humidity changes too. None of the guitars I played under the $500 mark could compare in tone and quite a few didn't even have solid spruce tops.


I must have played this thing 10 hours yesterday; I just couldn't put it down. :)

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Congratulations Roots!! However, we obviously need a GA (guitaraholics anonymous) intervention at your place. Please have the new toy available for inspection.


As for free recording software, try:




I've not used it. I'm not into computer recording yet. I do want to get some sort of stand alone recorder I can connect to my computer, maybe a GNX4. At the very least I'd like to lay down a progression and loop it so I can solo over it.



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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Got the DX 1 last Saturday and probably have put 20 hours into it. Still loving it.


However, was not used to the .012's on it and have about worn out my fingers. So I decided to give it a rest and went back to the LP last night for my practice session.


Wow, what difference! The LP now seems to have a smaller neck (it's the "fat 50's style) and plays faster than before! :)

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