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Question for California Guitar Players


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Hey everyone in the LA area. I'm from Alberta Canada but I'm heading down next weekend to LA on a road trip to see a Rock show and I'm the market for a new amp. Possibly a good boutique amp. You can't really get anything really nice up here cause there is no market for it. The only way I could buy a nice amp is to just buy it outright and I'd rather try it out first. I've never been farther south than Las Vegas and I dont know where the good guitar shops in Los Angeles are.

I'm looking to test drive some big stuff and others i might never have heard of before.


I'm looking for places that might have the following:


Diezel VH4 & VH4S

Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKII



Marshall Mode Four


If anyone knows some good places to go shopping Lemme know!!


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