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choose a cool or wierd rockstar name


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Chico Jervio Puentes


Xing Chan Li


Rabid Hasselhoff


George Tucker


Crunchy McFlakey-Nut


Dyetastic Electrostatic Coddlemodder 99


Hobo Jo & The Dirty Drunkards


Ed Winchester


Draylon Gone Finisher


Lemon Sucker


Melon Pucker


Cheese Grinding


Halo Bob


Ted Nuegent


Lumpy Nuts


Dingbat Wingnut


Blues Clues


David "Big man" Davidson


John Smith - He's your kinda guy


Bellyrub Grubbatub


Fascisimo Americana


X-Ray Special


Blind Ferret


Lame Duck


Droopy Lungbutter


Smokey McPot


Testi Tickler & The lip rings


Frodo Footed Hick


Stevie Ray Vaughn

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Fingers McStratoblaster(rootsy rock)


Hojo Harmonygrits(country rock)


Studley Rockstar(classic rock)


Bozo Baseline(pronounced "bo'-zhow bah'-suh-leen;Brit pop)


Animal Jones(speed metal/grindcore)


Otto Obnoxious (punk rock)


Vance Vandal(hairspray metal)

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Slim wilson picker (Country)

Stevie Stoned (Rock)

Ivor Terbrate (classical)

Flouncy Fay (Female pop signer)

Whingy we have a problem Houston (troubled soul diva)

Bonzo (Irish singer who is dog rough)

Kid Kansas (MOR American rock signer eg Bon Jovi :D )

Hatchet Harry (American heavy rock guitarist)


Oh so many I cant cope :D


Love life, some twists and turns are more painful than others, but love life.....



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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

Jimmy Spongeworthy

















(with a nod to a particular Seinfeld-ism. ;) )

Did anyone mention Art Vandelay?

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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