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Rock N' Roll Greahead Billy F Gibbons

Fender Bender_dup1

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I luv this book. I like looking at old guitars and fancy vehicles. BFG is still the coolest guy on the geetar in my book. His is not a complex style, just feel, blues and stacks of dig.

Says he had that ZZ sound in his head 'and just chased it'. That is the way! Get the sound out the noggin, into the fingers and out the amp; then move that air baby! That's what moves and shakes!


Just thought I'd share my thoughts. Havent posted here for ages.

Give me a break!
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I'm with you on this FB, actually I never was a big fan of the Top until I saw them live. Just a blast in concert, and of course great licks. Cars and guitars go together well. There's a news item at Fender's site about Mark Knopfler racing at Le Mans! Then you have the new VW with a guitar jack so you can plug in and jam...hopefully at a red light!
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The more I see him in videos, the more I like his playing. They look like they would be a riot in concert.
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