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Looks Like A Good Place to Burn A Strat!

Dr. Ellwood

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It's been years since I have seen that stage. If that is a current picture, it looks like it is in disaray. Are they stil putting on shows there?


Beside JH burning a Strat there, I wonder how many other instuments we would cry over were destroyed on that stage!



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It's about a year and a half old, I took a side trip over there from SF. it's been along time since I was there. I have lots of other pictures of the stage and all over the grounds too. I located EXACTLY the spot (with help from the grounds manager)where JH lite up the Strat. As far as destroying things...remember the WHO where on that same show with him! That place has a special vibe to it, I sat on the stage alone just as it was getting dark and I...... swear I heard ....well... something very familiar it seemed to emminate from the dark places behind me in the shadows! Hummmm I wonder if.....nawww ...that's silly ..ISN'T IT????? EDIT: yes it is still used all the time.
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