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Good Guitar


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What is the good guitar for a beginner, don't want to invest a lot of money, or just want to experiment with the style of guitar, but not a classical guitar to play professionally.




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Karine welcome to the forum.

Acoustic or electric guitar, sorry just not sure, if acoustic Crafter or Yamaha

If Electric either a squire fender (tele or stratocaster)

None of the above should be too expensive, try a few and see what feels comfortable to play and sounds good to you. enjoy


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Hi Karine.

Not that I want to give you the brush off, but there are really just too many good starters out there. I suggest you do a search (top of the forum) and look for previous threads that have dealt with this. There have been quite a few. The nice thing about starters is that you don't have a lot of money invested so if it just isn't working out for you, you won't lose a lot.

Welcome to the forum and stick around.



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A Telecaster would be a fine starter instrument but don't get the Squire version. The pickup selector switch will quit working before you've had it for a week.


Well worth the extra $ to get the Fender brand Mexican manufactured Tele.


Good luck finding something you like.

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Karine, welcome to the forum, although it may not be a long-term investment you should never feel that you wasted money. You should choose between acoustic or electric based on the music you listen to.


Some personal input: Ive had a bad experience with the Squier Standard Strat, it completely dissatified me, always be 100% sure when making a purchase. I recommend an Epiphone Les Paul 100. It feels great on the hands and has awesome tone for a starter guitar.

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Whatever starter you chose, make sure it's not difficult to play, ie. high action on the strings, poor tuners... these are a couple things that can discourage you quickly... You don't need to spend mega-money but at least get one that feels comfortable...
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