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Where's Pappy, Tedster, and a bunch of other regulars?


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We're just not interesting enough for them.

Tedster hangs out at the SSS on HC and is probably busy drowning his sorrows over the Chiefs dismal season.

Buy hey, Tedster, you've always got the Cards and the Rams. :thu:



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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I'm back guys.


I had a lot going on at work and a week of Family Vacation in Houston. It was fun, but stressful (kids man, they add drama to everything).


I think I picked a bad time to totally redo my website (I should've paid someone to do it, but I'm a do-it-yourselfer).


Alos, I've been practicing almost two hours a night working on a new song. This one is all new territory for me so it is taking me forever. I really had to push myself. Luckily I think I'm ready to record the guitar track tonight. I already have the drum track and the bass track down. This is the bass track that killed my fingers in September. I told you this song was taking me forever.


Anyway. I really appreciate all the concern. Actually I think my mood finally leveled out not too long ago. So I'm doing great with out the Anti-Depressants.

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Hi guys,

I'm not really enough of a contributor to be missed much, but I still check in to read most days. Work is and has been a zoo so I've got very little time for posting.


But never fear, you're safe with me... Well maybe. - Les
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