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A little help


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I'm looking to buy a a sweet esp superstrat

and the the guy selling told me that it has

a pretty big shim under the neck.He says it sets

up and plays great but i'm kind of leary of this shim thing.Should i stay away from this guitar?




also he said when his guitar tech put the bridge

on it sits back a little on one side but he says

the floyd still works great.

He says he's only had the guitar together for about four months,the body and neck are about

10 or fifteen yr's old and just sat in it's case

all that time.Another thing i thought was funny is that he never put strap buttons on it.

Do you think because of the shim there could be a problem? BTW i've never played the guitar,he lives in Alabama. :confused:

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If it a major good deal (i.e. great price), AND if you've played it acoustically and thru a good amp, and you like it....go for it.


I usually don't buy an axe that has any issues



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is this a whole shim to raise the neck or a partial shim to tilt it slightly?

it doesn't take much to tilt a neck.

if it has a big shim that would make me wonder what was the reason.

i can vouch for ESP necks, my Kramer is a 87 and at that time ESP was making the bodies and necks for them. it has a sweet neck and is built like a tank.

i would be nervous, unless you could see and hold it.

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