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What is the very best SS modeling amp?

Dr. Ellwood

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I'm posting this for our bass player. He wants opinions of what in your opinion is the best combo modeling amp available today. Price is not a issue and he would like a 1X12 or 2

x12 speaker arrangement. So most realistic models, best floor board arrangement, best panel layout as far as the user is concerned etc. Thanks guys!

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The best ones I have heard have been Vox. After that, the older Yamaha modeling amps with the DG800 or whatevr it is preamp sounded much better to me than the Line 6 Flextone stuff. Lines 6 Vettas are neat because you can havwe two amps sounds going at once, which makes for a pretty nice, complex tone. But they want the world for them, and the Vox's sound pretty good for a lot less.

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I am gonna say something a bit off what you are asking. I haven't ever bought a combo modeler even though I have diddled with a couple. I am comepletly happy with the sound of my POD XT Live through an Atomic tube amp. The POD sounds great through headphones, and you have to tweak the patches for the Atomic, but the sound and flexability is unprecedented.


Once you go deep into the POD XT, and don't have preconceptions that you don't have to use the expected amp model you would start with, you can get some really great sounds out of unit. I don't have to say how easy it is to record once you get your sound. You have microphone modeling even, which can bring a dead patch to life.


Even though The Atomic is a bit cheesy in its construction, and that ordering is a bit hard, the sound is worth it. That you can get these sounds at reasonable volumes just makes it a no brainer. Since the POD and Atomic combined are somewhat less than a grand is nice too.


The POD XT Live is specifically built for ease of use on a gig. The pedals are set up just right and give you alot of the same options as a traditional amp switching with effects board setup. I don't like the chessy power supply (wall wart) I would much rather have a traditional hardwired connection. I would think you would want to carry a spare POD if you were gigging professionally, I keep my POD 2.0 around in case. If the Atomic goes out then you always have the option to go straight into the board, but I would consider a backup for this too.


One last thing is that even though the Atomic 1x12 is large, about the size of a Fender Twin, it probably weighs about the same as a Princeton. They have just come out with 50 watt versions, but my 18 watter is way louder than you might think. The 50 watters have got to be real screamers.

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Originally posted by Darklava:

Dang Lee you can't talk him into a tube amp

with a couple pedals? I played through a vox

once that was ok the 1x12

I would except he allready has a 60's era Twin and a old Marshall PA head (works good too) No he wants something for his little home studio and what he does not have are any effects to speak of. The POD is something we can talk about and thanks for the opinion on that one! I'm pretty sure he would never gig with the amp? When he plays out he's playing with us and it's always bass.
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The Fender Supersonic

seems like a pretty cool amp. Link has some sound clips at the bottom of the page.

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It's pure B.S., and obvioulsy inaccurate. I suspect it is posted for effect, not for accuracy.


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I've got a friend with the VOX Valvetronix 100 watt 2x12 for sale. It's a little big for home use, though.



What bass amp did you end up getting?

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El....I recently saw the guitarist for Michael McDonald playing a Line 6 combo and he played a Line 6 Variax guitar for most of the show. He sounded fantastic. He also had a Fuchs ODS head he was using....one of my favorites.


I also saw none other than Steve Howe, playing in Asia. He played everything thru a Line 6 Vetta II Combo amp;




He sounded awesome, as always. I was really surprised to see the Vetta as his ONLY amp on stage. But, his tone was stellar.


I already have too many amps around here, but must admit that I was TEMPTED to get a Vetta after seeing and hearing Howe playing thru one.



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The other day I was talking to a guitar tech/guitarist who works at one of the big music stores in Atlanta. He said he is often surprised to see someone playing through the VOX Valvetronix when, based on the sound, he thinks they are plugged into the original amp.
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I don't have a big valve or modelling amp - I can't afford one - wish I could, BUT...


You'll remember I got a Digitech GNX-1 Multi-FX pedal recently. The GNX-1 is the original - I think they are up to GNX-5 (built-in 8 track recorder) now, or so. I'm assuming the latest Digitechs are even better now (my Genesis I sounds better on some settings than the GNX-1).


I'm really impressed with the sounds I can get out of this.


The Vox AC30 sounds damn good to me - I can nail The Shadows to a 'T' with it, and the Marshall through 4x12 Greenbacks takes me right back to the 60s. The Recto is taking you into ZZ territory.


I'm routing this through my old, rather boxy, Fender Studio 85 (65W) which now sounds superb.


If he already has some decent amps & just wants to try some new sounds, this may be a way - you can also go direct from the pedal to the mixer - it has settings for direct, mono & stereo.



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Maybe not exactly what he's looking for --not a software-based amp:


Tech 21 trademark 60.


This amp has some very good tones, though.

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