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mine all mine!!!! ha ha ha....


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today Oct 11 2006 is the day a vintage mahogany Les Paul with burstbuckers came home with me.

Faded cherry.

59 neck carve

hardshell case

and it is all mine!

pics will soon be posted.

as soon as i get chance, i work nights for 2 shifts.

today my DG100 and the LP mated for the first time.


i have this big sh-t eatin grin stuck on my face.

i do have to adjust the pickup height, they are IMHO set to close.

nice and snappy she is, with booty.

i am so freaking jazzed.

i must thank my dear wife for supporting me in yet another G.A.S. treatment.

yeah hoo!!!! :thu::thu:

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Ellwood... I see you have fender strat.. and gibson les paul.. (like me).. but you have more than me :( ... for now ;) .


I was a Through & Through Gibson fan.. have 2 les pauls... then I bought a USA fender strat.. 50th anniversary in candly apple red...


Now... I am split 50/50.. if I could only keep a gibson or a fender... I'd break down and cry.. The fender may be the winner soon.. as it started off no where near a favourite... but its feels and plays like a part of you..


Which is your fave ? and any one else who has a split opinion ?

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I know the top is most important, I was just asking about the vintage mahogany LP that zan got. It seems like you got this LP because of the neck, but without the maple top, what distinguishes an LP from an SG in terms of sound?




"I know we all can't stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today...and they'll paint it"


-Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)

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i have to go to work in a few minutes.

it seems a bit brighter.

but it isn't set up for me yet.

it isn't muddy by any stretch, and it doesn't quite sound like an SG either.

the pickups are normal output.

i can hear every string.

i must adjust to having the selector up top in my strumming path. no biggie.

i will rotate it to work in angled motion.

i got to get ready for work, crap.


more info tomorrow.


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