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OT: Now this is wireless


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Originally posted by A String:

They still seem terribly unstable to me. That guy looked like he was going to lose control at any second.


I don't think it will ever be a viable form of transportation.


Just some tech guys, trying to bring a little sci-fi to life.

Were we looking at the same footage? He appeared to be in total control to me. This isn't new. We've had jetpacks like this for 40 years. They work far longer than 30 seconds, but I agree, they'll never be a viable form of transportation. Too unwieldy, too expensive to operate, etc. But what a ride that must be. :thu:

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No, they don't work far longer than 30 seconds. The limitation is the 6 gallons of hydrogen peroxide fuel.


The ones back in the 60's only ran for 20 seconds or so. The latest version, using high modern materials to reduce weight and tolerate more heat, is the one that lasts 30 seconds.


If I'm wrong, please point me to the correct facts!


The James Bond sequences were pretty audacious stunts given the limitations of the device. I remember seeing You Only Live Twice back when I was 10 or 12, when it first came out, and I really dug that part. :)


But it sure would be a cool ride!

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Originally posted by learjeff:

Oboy! Up to 30 second flights!


Another option with a less convenient a package, but still way cooler than a propellor beanie, is the SoloTreck XFV , with a planned range of over 120 miles and speeds up to 80 mph.


One does worry about engine failure, though.



Meh. That's kid stuff.


Check out the Moller Skycar - cruising speed of 275MPH, max 375MPH, gets 20MPG on ethanol. Yours for the pittance sum of a cool half-million dollars. Seats 2...

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