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Tonebone vs. Nady TD-1

Scott L

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Hi all,


A distortion box question:


I've seen in several places (here, Harmony Central, etc.) that the Nady TD-1 is pretty much the same as the more expensive Tonebone Classic Distortion. One thing I noticed is that the Tonebone manual specifies more specific frequency boosts and cuts in the EQ section than the Nady manual.


For instance, the Tonebone says its mid-boost is "+12dB @ 620Hz or+6dB @ 390Hz," while the Nady says "This switch boosts the midrange frequencies (270Hz-700Hz)of the signal for a fatter sound. HIGH +12dB, MED +6dB." Possibly this is the same thing just stated more vaguely, but possibly not.


So my question is: has anyone been able to do a side-by-side test and found that they really do (or don't) sound the same?




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Does anyone have an opinion as to how well the Nady works for hard rock and heavy metal. Think Iron Maiden-esque tone; I already have fine pedals for Metallica or something else.


Bear in mind, I do also appreciate and heavily use a good medium-gain pedal, so if anyone has experience with either of these (including the Tonebone vairants), let me know.

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