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What happens when you cross a music lover with a pyromaniac? A physics experiment!


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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

Originally posted by A String:

I love science! (Did I just say that out loud?)

To quote Mike & The Mechanics, "Say it loud... Say it clear.."


Nothing wrong with loving science and being a guitar god! :freak::D

Yeah, I just can't help it. Science, biology, physics. It's all just incredibly interesting to me.
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my fire experience is a little more bizarre.


1: making a ramp to jump with our bikes, and setting it on fire first! :eek:

don't worry it was a small ramp and a small flame.


2: building a replica of the Partridge Family bus out of cardboard and setting it on fire :D

ok so i was a bored teenager.


i am fine ok, i have no desires to play with fire now. just stupid youth stuff i have done.

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