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OT: The reaper strikes too close for comfort


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Last weekend I took my son down to visit my parents and to do some work on my father's dam. My son loves riding on the bulldozer :D .


Anyway on the way back Monday evening, when we got back into the Sprint service area, I called my wife to tell her where we were. She relayed the news from my parents that my cousin Buddy (Lloyd) had died that afternoon.


So I turned the truck around and we went back down there. We just came back this morning.


My cousin Buddy and I were born on the same day just a couple of hours apart. We have always been close but had drifted apart over the last ten years. The news of his death was a shock. I had just visited him on Saturday and he seemed okay.


Buddy was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) back in November of 2000. He had been confined to a wheelchair for the last two and a half years. His speech was so slurred on Saturday that I could not understand anything he said. His wife (Gail) tried to translate but she said she couldn't really understand him anymore either.


I've known Buddy all my life. We went to kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college together. We worked on my grandfather's farm together in the summer. We chased the same girls. We took piano lessons from the same teacher. We worked on each other's cars. I was much closer to him than I ever was to my brother.


Buddy dieing was like losing a brother (well, I liked Buddy much more than my brother). Gail is lost without him. They've been married thirty years.


I'm taking a hiatus from work for a few months to try to re-order my life and try to reassess my family situation.


I'll be back, but it might be a while. I may check in from time to time in the mean time.


Ciao, ya'll.

Born on the Bayou


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I am SO SORRY LP about your loss! Please take your time and make everything ok again for yourself and family! Like 'AString said we will be here when ever you need to talk and you have my phone number here and at the office, call whenever you want too buddy!! take care of yourself in the meantime,m God bless!
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Taking a break in order to re-assess your priorities sounds like a very mature thing to do. Facing our own mortality when confronted with injuries/sickness/loss of close ones is scary and life-changing. You've definitely been through a lot lately: do take care of yourself and your family.
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I'm so sorry, LP.


We're all here if you want to talk at any time. Use the PM if you want.


We'll look forward to your rejoining the group when you feel ready.



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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Hang in there LP.....celebrate your cousin's life! He'd want everyone to be alright after he left.


There are many positive thoughts and prayers headed your way.



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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Our thoughts and prayers are with you LP. Man, there sure are some devastating diseases on this planet.

15 years ago we stood by helplessly and watched my wife's brother die of cancer at age 36.

Tough stuff to go through.

We are here for you buddy.



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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You know where to find us if you need us. Sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter if someone's passing is unexpected or been a long time coming, it's difficult to handle either way.


Please accept my condolances. Good luck, wherever your reassessment of your life leads you. :)

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Sorry to hear about your loss LP. It sounds like you have some really great fond memories with Buddy. It seems like you guys were meant to see each other Monday and I'm sure even though he had ALS, he was as glad to see you as you were to see him. Celebrate his life and yours with your family. It's your best medicine.
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