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Buying a Traynor, but which one?


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Going to buy either a YCV80 or a YCV80Q in the next few days. Which one, though? They look pretty similar in features. The 80 is a 2x12 speaker load (Celestion 70/80's). The 80Q is packed with 4x10's (Celestion Tube 10's). What are the avantages of going with the 2x12's or the 4x10's?
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I've been a fan of Yorkville Sound for years! The amp in my picture is a Traynor. Bought in 71 or 72 and have used it in the studio and stage since. I have had other amps but the Traynor always comes though for me. Built like a tank.


As for the 12s or 10s? That is a personal choice. I find that 4 10's give a better Jazz response (I also know a lot of bass players who like 10 speakers) but I have never really heard any volume diffence in other ampss (Fender..) that have 4 tens rather than 2 12s. I am sure there is as there is more cone surface. Each size speaker has a different sonic quality.


The 2 12's will be easier to travel with and if you ever feel like you want more speakers, pick up a 4 12s or 4 10's cabinet and plug it into the EXT speaker jack.


Just a personal observation



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what style do you play?

2 x 12 will give you some more bottom.

do you need 80 watts?

if you like crunch the Traynor YCV 50 blue is thier EL34 amp. it as well as the YCV40 wr come with a celestion vintage 30 speaker.

if you buy the extension cab you will end up with a 2x12.

if you go for the ycv80 2x12 you can always get the extension cab with 2x12 for a total of 4x12's.

lots of country and blues dudes dig a 4x10.

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I have two Traynor amps.


Mark 3 w/412 (bought it new in '75)


YCV40WR combo + 112 extension cab. (bought it 2 years ago).


The YCV40 with it's single 12" is very loud, and has a lot of bite.


Yeah...do you really need the 80 watts?

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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Zuben, guitarzan and miroslav, thanks for the input.


I'm really pretty new to guitar play and I'm learning 80's and 90's rock/metal/etc. When I purchase I go for the best I can afford, hence the 80watt tube. I figure 80 watts right off the bat should be able to do anything I need, at any time.


Well, anyway, I just bought and brought home the YCV80 w/the 2x12 setup. The person I bought it from upgraded the tubes and also installed a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 12" speakers. Haven't hooked it up yet but I'll post back as to how the Dinky sounds through it.

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i think the vintage 30's can do metal.

the biggest thing i wish for on my amp is a closed back cab for the dual v30's.

i get an awesome variety of tones from my DG100 2x12 but it is an open back and that is my only complaint. great for cleans and blues but as the volume and gain increase i desire a closed back.

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