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Amazing Slow Downer


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I searched the Forum, but couldn't find anything on this. Has anyone tried The Amazing Slow Downer from ronimusic.com? I installed the trial version and it's great. It will read a CD or a music file and slow it down to what ever speed you want while retaining the pitch. It will also allow you to change the pitch if you want and save the file that way. I'm pretty sure I will order the full version.


(I'm in no way associated with roni music)

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I bought ASD a couple years ago. It's good. The only problem is that if you buy encoded music online from say, iTunes or BuyMusic, you will not be able to play those songs through ASD, unless he has gotten license since I last emailed him.

However, you can burn the iTunes and other stuff to a cd and then you can take the song off the cd and ASD will work with it.

Kinda the long way around the cart.

Another good program is Slow Gold.



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