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fender deluxe problem


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hi there every one, new to this so you will have to bear with me.

i hope someone out there can help me with a problem that has recently started to happen with my fender deluxe 112 plus amp, at a couple of gig's it has started to lose volume and then every now and then it has come back with a bang, and it gets very warm on the top, any help would be much appreciated, i just hope that this is not one of them sites that is full of idiots saying things like, bin, buy a new one, and general crap like that.

thanks anyway all.

best regards

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Sounds like you might have a problem with the tubes. Have you checked them?


I had a similar prob with my HotRod Deluxe, and a new set of power tubes did the trick (and cost around $35-40, if I'm remembering correctly).


Good luck!

May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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If it is not a tube issue it may be circuitry or power supply. When dealing with electronics usually there is no in between - meaning that either it will work fine or not at all, black and white. Sometimes however faulty circuits and chips - especially in computers - can cause overheating and intermittent glitches. Im no amp pro but I have overhauled many computers with simular issues.... so maybe a circuit or board needs replaced. Try different power outlets and user surge protectors too to see if that makes a difference. If it is still under warranty you might try calling the Fender help desk and tell them what is going on. Hope this helps.
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