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potential purchase input


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Ok guys, I need some input and guidance on my next potential guitar purchase. Living in the middle of Washington doesn't give me a chance to go and actually play the guitars I am looking at. And should I buy new or go used, ebay or what? Right now I am leaning toward new.


I pretty much have it down to a PRS SE, not sure excactly which one yet, or a Carvin Bolt or California Carved Top. Looking to spend at most a grand but preferably about $600-800. Not into tremola systems but I might want one just to its there.


I am looking at these two because of the reputaion of playability and quality right out of the box but if any of you have any other suggestions don't hesitate to give me you opinion.

What can this strange device be?

When I touch it, it gives forth a sound

It's got wires that vibrate, and give music

What can this thing be that I found?

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I recently went through a similar process, tried the Carvin Carved Top, a Bolt, & had some experience with a PRS SE Custom. The Bolt wasn't really on my list of serious inquiry since I already have a Strat. It was good, but I wasn't playing with the idea of really considering a purchase. The Carved Top was very nice, very well detailed & great playability. I especially liked that there were useful tones from 0 all the way to 10 on the tone control. I was not completely pleased with the pickups, moreso the bridge, which just was too midrangy for my taste. Partly this is because I really prefer single coils. Then I played an SE Custom again (the Custom has a maple top) & I realized that it was the most playable neck/fingerboard I've ever had in my hands. Tone was a little more to my liking, & although I'll probably swap the bridge pickup, the neck gets a great clean tone, somewhere sort of between Gibson & Fender. Anyway, I bought the PRS, which is about $550 I think, with a tremolo. For a little less, the SE comes in a version with a pair of P90s on a solid mahagony body, without tremolo. Obviously it's a matter of personal preference, but as a quality instrument, none of them will disappoint. The PRS is simply the best Korean made guitar I've had my hands on. The Carvins have always been very well made. Tonally I'm happier with the PRS, but I know my sense of tone isn't going to work for most rockers.

Happy shopping.


Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser
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