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Attic Find - what do you think?

The Geoff

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Could be.


Actually I think it might be genuine.


Anyway, we'll say that here & that'll ramp up the bidding for the guy selling it :0)



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The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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Looks like a brass nut, and with a neck date of '62, I don't think that a black pickguard would be correct, especially a 3 ply b/w/b one. Looks bogus to me, but if it goes cheap, maybe something cool to have!?

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First thing I noticed is that the shape and contour of the head of this axe looks wrong.


I'm pretty sure that two string guides on the head started in 1972. That would point to this being made after 1972 IF IT WERE AN ACTUAL FENDER NECK, which I'm not sure it is.


Threaded steel saddles were used from late 1958. This one has the brass smooth ones, which I think pre date 1958.


Real Tele pickguards were black from 1950, then single ply white from late 1954, till late '63 when they used white laminated ones. They went to black laminated pickguards in 1975. This one's black pickguard does NOT seem to fit into this chronology.


I'd procede with caution on this axe. Personally, if there is any question, I'd save my coins for a real authentic axe.


I've e mailed Walter Carter and George Gruhn, via Gruhn's web site in the past with similiar questions, and they've been very gracious with providing some excellent and expert info and advice.



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