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My band on YouTube


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A couple of people have commented on my band's videos on YouTube so I'm posting the link for anyone's who's interested...


Two are from a local cable show we did a few times, one is from a show where we opened for the great Felix Cavaliere and one is from Vegas (the sound is good on this one but the video is poor). They are all a few years old now. We've made some personnel changes since and the band is better than ever now. Hope you enjoy them!




JoBonanno & The Godsons of Soul videos.

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Is that you on the right with the tele (Picture Perfect)?


Never mind. I just saw the "zoomed in on the keyboard player's hands during your solor" video.


Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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GUITAR 55!!!!!! OMG! I just watched your video of Rock Some More and the stupid cameraman panned the KEYBOARD player on YOUR SOLO!!! WOAH!!! nice solo too!!! don't ya just hate that.. we did a thing on CKLW in Windsor and they did the SAME THING! my solo got total coverage on the BASS PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My goodness, you guys are tight. Made me wish I was there. Saved them all to my youtube favorites.


Makes me wonder why they aren't more famous. Thanks for the great tunage and turning me on to this. :D



Newf :)

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Like it....played in a group like that for a few years myself......


BTW.........does it kill you like it kills me that as soon as the guitar solo kicks in in "Rock Some More", the producer cuts to a close up of the keyboard players hands?!? WTF are these dweebs thinking??


EDIT........I need to read all the posts before replying........it annoys us all

Once I thought I saw you, in a crowded, hazy, bar........


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