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Had a silverface non-reverb Princeton that I used a lot for church gigs. It had enough clean headroom that I could get a nice clean sound out of it, but I could still push it and get a nice breakup for chunk-style rhythm without having the sound man trying to commit hara kiri, and a good distorto-pedal into the front made lead playing a a joy. Wish I had it back. But, I got a Reverend Goblin a little while back, and while I had a bit of a time getting some problems worked out of it(mostly due to an incompetant local yahoo calling himself a tech, and infuriating indifference about getting the problem fixed from the guy who sold it to me), it's pretty much ready to go now, and it'll do pretty well for low volume gigs. Still want a Valve Jr. head... or two, maybe. Saw a set-up on ebay a few days ago that had two Valve Jr. heads on top of a stereo Epi Triggerman 4x12, and it looked really trick. I am picking up a stereo 4x12 today..

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