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OT: iPod -> Amp ??


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So my PC speakers aren't working the way they're supposed to anymore, so as a makeshift solution I connected my iPod through a 1/4" -> 1/8" adapter to my amp (GA-30 valve amp). The sound is surprisingly good (!) when you adjust it with EQ's on the iPod, but there's two issues...


First, I imagine a guitar signal to be very different from the iPod signal and I know how sensitive tube amps can be when you don't feed them the right signal...so, is this safe?


Secondly, it seems like a stereo channel gets lost in stereo tracks (which makes sense since there's only one output as opposed to two headphone outputs now) and the iPod doesn't seem to have a "mono" option. Any solution to this?




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Originally posted by Guitar55:

Actually, a stereo to mono adapter. You want to combine the iPod's two channels to a single one.

Just get a "Y" adaptor (left and right stereo, into a mono out). Rat Shack or your local dollar store should carry the one you are looking for.
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It depends on what you are trying to do.


Stereo Mini plug to 1/4" Y Plugs will let you plug the two channels from the iPod into two inputs of the amp.


Stero Mini plug to 1/4" mono adapter will let you combine both stereo channels into a single amp input.

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