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Question about selling a guitar


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Hey all.

I have a Franken-Strat I am thinking of selling, and I'm not sure what to ask for it.


It's really an assortment of ebay parts: Fender MIM neck w/ rosewood board, I think the body may be a recent Squier, USA Fender tort pickguard, and randomly chosen parts of various unknown vintage or name.

It also has a no-name hardshell case in good condition.


It plays nicely, sounds really good. Looks a bit harsh, as the body has been sanded bare, but it has a nice resonance. I was going to finish it, but I bought another guitar instead. :)


Any opinions about a fair price? I was thinking of selling it on craigslist or similar for local pick-up, but I would ship.


Thanks all in advance.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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