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Blues Deluxe


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Actually, the Blues Deluxe is more than the Hod Rod "Deluxe"... unless you're talking about the "DeVille" then you'd be correct.


This was the amp I was going to get. I went straight to G.C. to grab it. Unfortunately, their only model there popped like crazy. The salesman told me to come back later and he'll have another one there.


During that time, I went looking around at other places and ended up with the Hod Rod Deluxe.


It's a nice amp for getting the Fender Blues tone. Check one out if you get the chance. I'm sure the one you try won't be like the one I tried.

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I have an older Fender Blues DeVille that I love. I remember playing the Blues Deluxes as well when I was shopping. The main thing that I was looking for was the 4x10 speaker combination and if I remember right the Deluxe was 2x12. Both of these amps sounded really good though, with the Deluxe sounding brighter, more like a Twin but not quite as harsh.


The Hot Rods didn't do it for me at all. Its hard to say why but the basic clean tone didn't sound as good as the regular versions. I always used pedals like a Tube Screamer for distortion anyway so didn't really use the lead channels on the amps.


The first Marshalls were based on Fender Bassmans, which is very similar to the Blues DeVille. I like the DeVille over say a Bassman reissue because it has reverb built in. I hope this helps Bluesape.

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Thanks, all. I'm just at the annoying lookin' stage. A smaller tube amp is more in line with what I need, and I'm givin' the Epi's a close look, too. I've got the big monster amp thing more than covered, but I'm gettin' too damn old to lug those bastards everywhere. :rolleyes:
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I had a hot rod deluxe (1x12), which was stolen from my van -- grrr. I replaced it with the blues deluxe (also 1x12).


Both amps have a "clean/normal" footswitch. The hot rod has a "more drive" and the blues has a reverb footswitch.


They're both louder than necessary. Frankly, so far I liked the hot rod better, because I could dial it up to be on the edge of distortion, playing complex chords lightly would come through nicely, but digging in a bit I'd get distortion. And with the "more drive" footswitch on, plenty of distortion for a cutting lead (blues style). (That "more drive" actually added a bit more than I liked.)


With the blues, the break-over "spot" is a lot wider. Wherever I set it, digging in or kicking in the DynaComp or cranking up a bit adds volume but only a bit more dirt, which isn't quite what I'm used to. Also, it may be my imagination, but it seems a lot louder than the hot rod when pegged. (Maybe it's just a lot louder at a drive level where everything doesn't come out like mush.)


I suspect that when I get a tube screamer I'll like it a lot more, and may even find that I prefer it to the HRD.


The blues Jr is also a nice real little stage amp, loud enough for your own monitor and for the crowd in a small venue, easily able to get too loud. But it definitely needs a tube screamer.


I do believe my Rhodes will sound best through the Blues Deluxe. It doesn't like tiny amps at all. But it's in the attic for the time being.

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as the guys say if its a deville you looked at oh yes yes yes yes yes, great amp,fab warm tones and the clean is superb, one of the few amps i would swap my twin for.

learjeff makes some good points but having played through the HRD and the Deville a good few times I find it a far more more pleasing amp to play.

Enjoy Reif, pile in you know you want to....


Love life, some twists and turns are more painful than others, but love life.....



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