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Anyone ever.....


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Cut out a pickguard?I bought a 60 gibson mm off

this guy and i want to make a pickguard to cover

up some of the damage he has done.I bought a blank

thin black chunk of pickguard and need to know

what would be a good way to cut out the pu holes.

Maybe a photoshop idea also.




Thanks guys

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Can't help on the pick guard, sorry.


Is that a set-neck or bolt-on? It looks like a bolt in the photo, but I always thought Melody Makers had set-necks?


You ought to slap a humbucker in the neck position. You'd have yourself a Pat Travers Special. :thu::D

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I work with plastic alot. Scribe out your outlines, rough it out, and finish with sanding (disc, belt, etc). Use a dremmel sanding wheel (drum), but watch your speed. You don't want any melting!
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I wouldn't change the pickup. (But I like P-90 style pickups, and I don't like taking that much meat out of such a small, thin body. Probably nothing to worry about though....just my own 'thing'.)


An overhead router would be ideal, but likely hard to come by. A small trimmer/router like those used for countertops, but the worry is the chance of melting the plastic, so you may have to add a router speed control to keep the RPMs down, or possibly use some lubricant. The idea is to make a nice, clean cut directly to size, and skip the need to sand. Plastic pickguard material does not sand well.


You could use plexiglas or a similar material, and sand it and then (carefully) fire-polish it with a butane or propane torch.



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Originally posted by Darklava:

The problem i'm having is the neck pu how to

line it up and get the right spot to cut.

Take the guitar apart, place a thin rigid piece of material over top. Mark you pick-up location, and also mark a point that is relative to the pick-up that you can match with your pick guard.

Transfer those measurements to your pickgaurd.


Sorry, I'm horrible at describing this...

What a horrible night to have a curse.
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Here you go DL. I apologize for the crappy job. I'm on my way out the door. But this should, at least, give you an idea of what a few concepts would look like.






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I would make a 1/8 thick masonite router template and use it as a guide to route the holes out. Use a 1/8 inch cutter with side flutes that are slightly dulled, a worn flute is much better on high strength plastics including nylon. The hole will be a good as the template you create. Use two-way tape to hold the template to the plastic stock. OR, send it to me with a full sized drawing and I will have my guys waterjet it for you.
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