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OT: Funny Website if You Have a Minute


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Originally posted by guitarisawayoflife21:

My favorite misunderstood lyrics were to blinded by the light.

I always thought it was,

Wrapped up like a douche

another runner in the night.


one day i finally. found out it was revved up like a duece

I thought the same thing, never could figure why they were singing about douches though...
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Originally posted by Trucks.Of.Love:

My mum thought the words to the song "The drugs dont work" by The Verve was "The trucks dont work, they just make it worse" Whatta dumbass. :D

Don't you be talkin' 'bout your mum like that...
Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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Originally posted by Bejeeber:

Originally posted by Xplorer:

....But I misheard them as:

I want a duck shaped like a triangle

You give a toaster to Bob .........

Ehhhh havin' a hard time buying that one. :rolleyes::D
I should have indicated that one as a quote, I read it on that website. That's some funny shit!
What a horrible night to have a curse.
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