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tremolo question?


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If it's a traditional Bigsby, don't expect to do "dive-bombs" with it. IMHO, the Bigsby has a much more limited range than the Strat, but much smoother vibratos are available as compared to other tailpieces. Got my first Bigsby equipped axe (Guild Starfire) around 1960. That's my reference source. Loved it to death.



WUDAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again!!
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Originally posted by Griffinator:

A bigsby works nothing like your strat's tremolo. They're notorious for throwing the guitar out of tune, they're unstable, they don't dive very far, and in general they're big PITAs.


Just MHO...

I think Griffinator had a bad Bigsby experience somewhere along the way. :D


When used as they are intended to be used, a Bigsby is just as stable (if not more so) than a traditional six-screw Strat bridge. I have both and I like both. You just have to make sure your guitar is set-up correctly and not attempt to push them beyond their limitations.


Bigsbys won't do dive bombs. For that matter, a traditional Strat bridge will go out of tune if you dive-bomb on them as well, but there are tricks to overcoming this problem (the famous "string-yank" comes to mind). However, a strat bridge does have a deeper useable downward range than a Bigsby.


A Bigsby can add shimmer to chords and do some twangy stuff on single note leads (like on the guitar solo in "I'm Down" by the Beatles). They are also an excellent tool for modulating sustained feedback if you are playing in a high-gain seting.


CLick on the link to my home page and you can listen to a tune that I play both my Strat and my Gretsch on. I use the Bigsby on my Gretsch and the Fender whammy on my Strat. This will give you a comparison.

Mudcat's music on Soundclick


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Hi friend!: Sorry for my English...It´s a great guitar I´ve heard one (not played),wonderfull retro-looking (blue one remember me old German guitars).

It deserves a Bigsby for two reasons: Less important estethycal the most is it´s own sound similar to Gretsch (clean bright humbuckers but don´t kill),be sure what you´re buying for your style of music.

I agree with guys about tremolo differences, strat original one has "more range" (it´s not good trem and detune guitar if often used), Bigsby give you less but could do faster vibrato movements for it´s big arm and super-strong spring. Great for Rockabilly, western & oldies. Bigsby use to detune a lot, it depends of the guitar if is prepared for it.

MOST IMPORTANT!!!: You should observe the bridge pieces where strings seat for a bigsby they must be well and wide "rounded",that´s the motive of detuning and excesively fricction (you will broke a lot of strings). Think Gretsch are prepared for and i.e. remember Les Pauls with factory Bigsby has ceramic-wheels in bridge (original bridges has excesively fricction more than Fenders).HOPE IT HELPS!!!

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