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has anyone tried this amp? peavey windsor


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Why not for a Gibson? I´m European and IMO Peavey,Hugues¬Kettner,ENGL are not toys years ago I abandone Fenders,Marshalls & the Great Mesas. Especifications are enough, it´s not a toy "the mother" always is the preamp. yes you could put better tubes but sure not necessary.

Cabinet (good speackers needed) will be your problem...many Peaveys in Studios in Europe (middle & stacks) don´t worry if Asian made...Peavey don´t risks to make shit!

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I dunno but if I were you I would buy a used Peavey VTM instead. They are around $200-250 on ebay.


It is an old amp from the 80's (came out in 86) but it will do what you want better than that probably judging on that amp's price tag. When it came out it was a pretty expensive amp for Peavey. It sounds alot like a modified plexi. I mean thats what Peavey was trying to emulate with it. In the 80's everyone had modified Marshalls that had more distortion.


I used a VTM for a while in my metal years and I have to say it mics great and cuts through the mix, and it is built like a tank. For a high gain amp it sounds alot better than a 5150, or XXX series in my opinion. It has these things called respnse modification switches. You can turn gain stages on or off, you can add highs, or compression. Very big sounding amp with alot of sizzle. It is not forgiving though. You have to play through it to make it sound good. I was listening to some old recordings I did in my teens the other day and my tone sounds pretty monsterous. It sounds totally Marshally. At least on my recordings. When you go into solos it doesn't sound compressed and small


The 80's were a funny era. EVERYONE wanted more distortion and old killer amps like Hiwatts were going dirt cheap. My old guitarist had a Hiwatt and a cab. He got them both for $200. The same amp he had for that price is worth thousands now. BUt then nobody wanted them.

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I was wrong this one is $350 but I have seen them cheaper. They are still pricey for a used Peavey for a reason. For what they do they do it well.

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