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OT: Youtube Vid


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Not sure how many of you will enjoy this. These guys are one the bands on my "not crap" list :) they are primarily a Jam Band I suppose. They decided to do a quick jam style cover of the Beatles classic Come Together while on a french TV show.




I think its a pretty funky take on one of the few Beatles songs I like.

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I'll check it out after work, they've block You Tube here...


I am a Metal fan, but more importantly a music enthusiast. I'm sure I'll dig it if it's talented and tasteful.

I really enjoyed seeing Tower Of Power and War live, so I can definatley feel much more than Metal if it kicks ass! And let me tell you, Tower Of Power are the kings of kicking ass live! War was cool too, they borrowed my amp. My gear gets more gigs than I do!

What a horrible night to have a curse.
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Originally posted by Xplorer:

Amazing vid man, that guy is a hell of a player. Did I notice a missing high 'G' string on his 12-string?

Good stuff man.


I was waiting for him to jump on that OD pedal! (hehehe).

Yeah he keeps the high G off as he reckons the mids sound better without it.


lol When you see them live he does use the OD pedal... hes gotta pretty elaborate setup where he uses an internal mic and a magnetic pickup, the mic is fed to the board clean and the magnetic he puts through his pedal board so hell be playing a clean celtic thing and bring the magnetic pickup in using a volume pedal for swells, distortion and wah wah etc.


Yeah i'd reccomend... all of them :) lol No id actually reccomend at least 2. Living is him and his band on tour i think 2001-2003 recorded live. And Sunrise Over Sea is his latest album (his voice has also improved over time, so Sunrise Over Sea has better vocals).


He allows his audience recorded live shows to be publicly traded. So there are quite a few on www.archive.org


This show is Ok


But obviously the Archive live shows are a bit hit and miss as far as quality is concerned.

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Those guys are the snitz! Love the sounds he gets out of those acoustic guitars. I'm just curious as to how he can hammer a guitar like that and not break those nails! ? ! ? !
Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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