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Hey there ..a question

D.B. Cooper

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Playing up on the 17 fret and beyond and can't get the g string to quit ringing after I pull off (not an intentional pull off, mind you) to go to the other notes ...not that this is limited to this situation, string, or note either ...but what's the probable cause? don't really want to mute ..but tried that too ...fret wires are big and like new



experienced players ..how do _you_ dampen this pull off noise for cleaner sound?



thank you!

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Just dampen the string with your right hand palm.


It only takes a split second touch...and no more ring.


Are you using some kind of overdrive rig?

Sometimes...certain notes really hang when using boxes that can generate a lot of harmonic noise.

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Nah it's not a "actual" harmonic ..though it is one of sorts I reckon. More of a regular pull off noise. I'm trying to use the lightest touch I got too but still get it. Ok ..I am using emg's but dunno if that's got anything to do with it. Ok ...yes it _could_ be a set up issue to be sure cause it's a new (to me) guitar ..and the action is definitely a smidge too high ..but ...seems that sure wouldn't do it ..or could it ..heh? ..I guess. Neck is almost straight according to the old business card test. G string at 12 fret IS a bit on sharp side ..but .. @#$%^& dAMMIT LOL ..is driving me crazy. Every blooming time I let off it it just riiiiiiiiiiiings off the hook ....ok guess i'll quit bein lazy and do a proper set up.


was doing that clean little opening riff on Judas Priest's The Ripper when I noticed this ..if that tells you anything. so the noise really stands out


Maybe I just aint got the touch lol

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the EMG's are sensitive, more than a passive pickup.

the intro to the ripper is on the high E and B so i assume you are getting some simpathetic vibration, are you playing loud enough for feedback?

and hey man I LOVE PRIEST!!!!!!

Miro makes a fine point, if you are indeed doing the harmonised intro part to the ripper you should be able to mute the bottom 4 strings at the bridge and still nail the intro lick.

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Nah it's from actually playing the G from a guitar pro tab. Though I do have a tab for it that opens with just b and e harmonies. Impossible to even lightly mute it. It's so bad that muting it enough to stop it kills ALL the sound lol ..that bad. Just _removing_ your finger from the string even super light quick makes a harmonic pull off noise ...guess I better start from scratch here, eh lol ...damn it's late at night too. Thanks ..get back to you after I set it up. Should have anyway huh
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