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Pre G.A.S. innocence


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remember the joy of finally getting your first guitar, playing it non stop.

total bliss while you ham fisted a few simple chords. excited you knew that song, which by the way you played over and over.

you didn't care if your tuning was out or the buzzing from poor technique would drive your future self nuts.

you had a guitar!

this was heaven..then one day something appeared..

a feeling called G.A.S.

before that day all you needed was that crappy guitar.

now it seemed that you could only progress if you had that new piece of gear.

after the initial aquisition attack, G.A.S. has constantly sidetracked you. gear and equipment info takes up a large part of your musical time.

time you spent repeatedly practicing before.

reading about setups, pickups, strings and things are now part of your guitarplaying self.

some people have been luck enough to find a sweetheart guitar that has been there as a musical companion for years.

some of us are sluts that no guitar can expect a long term relationship from.

G.A.S.! you have taken my innocence and i hate you for it, even though the knowledge and experience has helped me become wiser.

that is all.

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I should add...


My first guitar was a El Degas LP standard copy. A real piece of shit. Chambered body, squeelin pickups, crummy hardware, and acoustic guitar strings!! :eek:


When I saw that warlock, I got this strange feelin that come over me. I got the guitar after bugging the guy for 2 years, but that strange feelin never when away! (sorry about the grammer)


Any way, now I've got to have this Dean Razorback V. End of story.

What a horrible night to have a curse.
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It's a cycle for me where I get totally absorbed playing and drifting about through different styles and hooked on specific sounds and then..... :rolleyes:


I hear something I can't get out of my rig no matter how I twist and stomp and frig about.. This leads to G.A.S. and the quest begins to find the right tool for the job.


I get my fix and crawl back into my hole and get all cozy again for a while.


It always returns... If I'm smart I can time it for my birthday or father's day or Christmas and spread out the damage on my bank account.


It's interesting how this place is a good sounding board for those impulses or cravings. I didn't buy a Heil Talkbox, Roto-Vibe or Boomerang all of which I was jonesing for and likely never needed... but if any of my kids are reading this... well my birthday is coming up very soon :D

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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