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have a Donair guys (OT)


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Originally posted by Geoff Byrne:

Donair sounds like a cheap airline!!


Over here we call them Donner Kebabs (not kabobs!)


Funny thing, English, isn't it?





:thu: Absolutely. Also over here they are consumed by many... And seem to go down well after 8 pints and a punch up on a friday night ;)
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Oh, kebabs! I could live on that stuff.


I like the Lebanese type best. They use actual chunks of grilled meat, as opposed to the Turks who just slice stuff off a big hunk of meat on a spit.


I may have posted this before but my favourite graffiti ever:


huge, huge sign in Sydney (now gone)




and some smart aleck wrote underneath:


"Yes, but does he like tabbouleh?"

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Yes! Yes!


Donairs are best after a night of heavy drinking.


My favorite donairs come from Bash Toulanie's place in the North end of HFX. His donairs fueled many a band rehersal back in the day.


Just remember the golden rule: If someone eats a donair, everyone must eat a donair or those who don't will suffer the reek of donair breath.

"You never can vouch for your own consciousness." - Norman Mailer
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