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suggestions for speaker replacement


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Hi Everyone,

I have a question about speaker replacement.

I just bought a Traynor 40 watt 2x10 combo that I'm thinking about changing the speakers on. They are celestion tube 10 30 watt, which go for about 40 bucks.


The amp is 2 channels, basic clean and overdrive with a boost on the overdrive. The overdrive leans towards a Marshall sound. I've ordered some replacement tubes to experiment with.


I'd like to be able to strum open chords on the clean channel while having a balanced sound (no boomy bass). I think the speakers sound fine in the gain channel. I haven't seen any reviews on the Celestion tube 10 speakers.


I'm wondering if any of these would work for both the clean and gain channel. So far I've come up with:

Jensen MOD 35 watt

Jensen C10Q 35 watt

Eminence Ragin Cajun 75 watt

Eminence Copperhead 75 watt

Eminence Ramrod 75 watt


they're all under $60, with the Jensen MOD being about $30 online. Any ideas on this? other suggestions? Is there a huge difference between this price range and the over $100 range? Guitar Player gave a good review of the eminence speakers, but I haven't found too much for the others.



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I think you'll find that the C10Q Jensens will have more bottom end than the Celestion Tube 10 and will tend to be a little boomey. The MODs are the better choice for Jensens if you don't want it to be too boomey.


Of the Eminence speakers, the Ramrod is closest to the Celestion Tube 10 in sound. The Rajin Cajun tends to be a little darker but not boomey. The Patriot Delta Demon has an even better bottom end but can be a little muddy. But I'd only go with that if you play a lot of blues. If you play rock a lot or some metal, I'd go with the Ramrod.


Personally, I'd go with the Celestion G10 Vintage. It has better voicing than the Tube 10, a better bottom end without being boomey and still has more sizzle. It's also a higher efficiency speaker than the Tube 10 so you'll get better volume for the same power input (not a lot but better). The G10 Vintage is about the closest you'll get to a Vintage 30 in a 10 inch driver.


They cost about $90 each but I think they are worth it. I have a pair of these in my Marshall Lead 12 mini stack. They sound great to me.

Born on the Bayou


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Thanks LPCustom,

The Ragin Cajun peaked my interest. The Traynor is a little bright on the clean channel and I'm using a p90 (got a les paul jr with single p90 along with the amp). Maybe the darker sound of the cajun will compensate. the reviews on harmony-central are encouraging about it. The G10's are a little pricey for me right now. I tried a vintage 30 awhile ago in another amp I have and it sounded great.


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