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Went to Nashville, saw cool stuff...


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Went to the Gibson Showcase and the attached Gibson retail store. I had no idea Gibson made banjos and ukeleles!!!


I saw a young girl sing and play fiddle at "open mic nite" at John A's... she was AMAZING and couldn't have been old enough to drive.


All in all, very cool trip.

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Did you make it to Gruhn's? That place is incredible. I went there about 8 years ago. I couldn't stay long, but could have easily filled up bucket with drool!! Still got the T-shirt! :thu:


OT: For any car guys (or gals), head north from Nashville up to Bowling Green, KY and go to the Corvette factory and the National Corvette Museum. It's worth the short drive!

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And you didn't even tell us you were coming? {Shaking head) Tsk, tsk, MG!


You guys can certainly drop me a line if you're coming to town. A friend of mine manages the Gibson Showcase and others work in the OAI shop (banjos, mandolins & dobros) and in the retail space.


In fact, I hadn't been there in a while and had to drop a package to the Fedex hub after work last night. That put me in line to pass it on my way home, so I stopped in during soundcheck. As I was saying hello to the manager and the house mixer I ran into another buddy whose band was on the night's lineup and another working the retail floor who was on the gig in Guantanamao Bay in 2002. It was a regular reunion. :D


As usual, the floor was filled with the best Gibson has to offer, not to mention Santa Cruz, Bougouis (sp?), and others. I always get major GAS there. ;)


Would've liked to have met you, Grind. Maybe another time...

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