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that was fast!!!


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i just clicked on the self promotion thread that Pappy had "enhanced" with a certain pic...LMAO...but by the time i could reply it was closed by our mods....that was close i was almost trapped for eternity in there!!!!!


trapped with that pic for all time!!!!!

don't do that, give me a warning will ya? :D

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I closed the thread.


I was going to ask Pappy to remove the pic, but it really wasn't about the pic. The thread was spam and I figured I may as well just close it.


The member who started that thread was a minor contributer here in 2003. He stopped by a few times in 2005 and twice in 2006 (Both time to promote his new band).


It was spammy and with the "two kiwi's, and a cucumber" as Xplorer put it, I thought I'd spare us all a "loss of lunch" and just delete it.

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I watched part of "America Has Talent" the other night, and after a few of his remarks, I think some of the contestants could think of a few things to do to Hasselhoff involving a pole...

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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