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A mate of mine in the UK, Mike De Jager, has a new guitar site called Guitarist-TV. He just did an interview with Satriani and there is some live Satriani on there...my buddy filmed the interview, don't know if he filmed the concert footage...it looks pretty pro though.


His own band is on there and some other UK guitarists and he is interviewing Johnny A soon.


Hope this is ok to post like this.


Anyway the link is Guitarist-TV

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Dude that was awesome!! I love Surfing with the Alien. Great album, one of the best guitar albums I have. Satch nails that like a sumbitch live. I wonder, is that the Peavey amp that he uses or something else? I used to listen to him alot and I saw him live in 88' on the Surfin tour at Harpos. AWESOME concert. Satch went sick, but Stu Hamm was awesome too. Really inspiring night. I remember I did so many shots of vodka I couldn't stand up, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Satch playin it like it is!!


I was just watching one after of a band 'diamond head' pretty killer 80's heavy metal sound. The singer reminds me of John Waite on steroids.

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