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I have a reissue Vox 15 (about 1995 made in England) that I believe has a bad power transformer. I replaced this transformer 6 years ago. The amp just died, no power, but no blown fuse either. This time it is blowing it's 500mA main fuse. I put a Fluke 87 in current mode and placed it in circuit. The amp works and sounds good. It draws 400mA on stand-by and 600 mA turned all the way up. However, it blows a 1.5 A fuse. I bought new output tubes and a new 5Y3 to no avail. It also blew a 1.5 A fuse with the 5Y3 out. I have the transformer here on the bench. I was hoping that you could give me an idea of how to test and make sure this bad before I buy another one. I have a Sencore Z meter and enter an erroneous value to get started. The primary told me it was 233 mH, but it says 5 rings and Bad. The secondaries ring bad as well. With an ohm meter I get 7ohms on the primary and .3 on the secondary. Please help.
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