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US/GA/Atlanta-Athens Talent


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Jeff Soileau - Just heard this guy playing a free concert at the local Borders book store. He did a great 2+ hr concert straight through. Only talking was to welcome us and about a minute explanation of one song. He's in the vain of Michael Hedges and is extremely good. If you get a chance, go see him.


He plays seagull guitars, has all kinds of delays, reverb and chorus pedals. Has a really nice looping machine, crate acoustic amp and Carvin pa system.


While recording his loops he sometimes "Huffs" into the soundhole to create a whooshing sound. He also rubs the face of the guitar in a circular pattern to create sort of a metal brush being swished on a snare drum sound. He also used an ebow in one of his songs.


One thing I noticed was he also has incredibly strong hands.



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