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invasion of the G'Zans


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hi guys/gals. you may have noticed the extra "zan" posts. both offspring of mine have asked to post here to check it out. Ben is 9 and is hungry to play, but we (Ben and I) haven't had much chance with Brett (11) taking most of the guitar time.

the guys are slowly getting into guitar and i will proably spring for some student models sometime i it keeps up.

they have a good ear for music. both have damn fine AC/DC Cd collections! i am not kidding.

bought and paid for with allowance money.

they lean toward Bon Scott era AC/DC. but they like Brian too.

feel free to have a chat with them.

i think a lack of radio and TV videos has helped them decide what they think is cool.

the first song that Brett ever went nuts over was "shine" by collective soul when he was 5.

they like Johnny cash as well.

i better stop now , i am sounding like Kathy lee Gifford ;)

anyway i just wanted to let you know who was chatting with the Pink avatar.

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You're lucky - neither of my two were interested in playing guitar - nor playing anything, really.


Ross, my younger, has little musical talent, and Greig, the elder, is Grade 5 in flute and Grade 4 piano. Like many teenagers, he gave up playing about 16 years old.



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I got my son a guitar when he was 9 or 10. He was like yeah, cool and it sat in the case for 4 years. At this time I aquired an extra bass guitar. He said, thats cool. Teach me to play it. 2 years after that he was playing bass in the All County Jazz Ensemble. He is 19 now and leans towards classic rock which really hurts my feelings .... NOT. We jam all the time. He does like to play Primus though. I guess I have to learn some of that stuff.
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Shine by Collective Soul? I memorized all their lyrics when I was in 2nd grade! Paid off, too. They wanted me to sing Gel in a band at camp and I knew all the lyrics already!


I'm on about the same level as your kids.





gotta go

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Great for you, 'Zan. Lilly's shown little interest in seriously learning any instrument, but she loves to sing. I hope she decides to do more in the next year or two.


She's also a big Johnny Cash fan. We've always made music (listening) a priority. From the time she could talk she'd tell us what she wanted to hear. One album we bought was Los Lobos' collaboration with Lalo Guerrero called Papa's dream. Lalo and some neighborhood kids (and Los Lobos) take a fantastic journey from LA to Mexico for his sister's birthday. Sounds like the setup for a bad, Saturday morning, animated adventure but it isn't. The story is fun, the songs are some familiar rock tunes in a decidedly Tex-Mex flavor and some traditional Mexican tunes. Anyway, we played this for Lilly and every time they'd reach the keyboard solo of the first song, a slower version of La Bamba, she'd yell, "Bamba! Bamba!!" until we skipped back to the beginning. She also liked "Bully, bully" (Wooly Bully) ;)


We've always let her listen to a wide variety of music, as it would appear you've done with the boys, 'Zan. Good for you! (Better for them! :thu: )

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