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Godin LG Humbucker -- why isn't it talked about much?


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I've seen mentions of Godin guitars a lot in this forum, but mostly they are LG SP90, Freeway, Exit 22, or even Radiator.


LG Humbucker is a close sibling of LG SP90, but it seems (to me) like there's not much interest in it. Is there anything wrong with that model? Does it sound too generic, characterless, lifeless, or something? Would someone share an opinion please? :)

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i am sorry if i haven't made my comments of the LGhb known.

i think they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dual HB guitar that kicks booty.

the LG series is solid as a rock and i know from personal experience the sustain and thickness of the mahogany body and neck is top notch.

these are one of the few bolt on guitars that refuse to act like a bolt on.

the LGhb is on my personal buy list.

godin also offers an EMG equipped LG for metal heads.

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Must stop reading different forums. I was looking for the thread asking about Godin humbuckers. Just remembered it was on the Seymour Duncan forum.


I'm guessing the LGP90 gets more airplay because of the P90s. You don't see that many really well made P90 guitars out there. And from what I understand, they were hitting on all cylinders when they designed the LGs.

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Thanks a lot, Guitarzan. I know you're an authority when it comes to Godin. :)


I found a number of reviews on the HB, but all of them are about the older HB. I know that the newer one has new pickups, which are supposed to have higher output. So I'd like an opinion on that, and also about the sounds in the split coil positions.


One of the thing I like about the LGs is its mahogany body and string-through design, so that's why I'm more inclined to these models.


Actually I have tried the P90 and I love it, as it sounds so sweet, but I'm not sure about its versatility. I'd like a guitar that can play well from pop to blues to rock to metal. HB looks like a more versatile guitar at that.

...beginner struggling to become a better beginner...
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i have done metal with the p90's. and contrary to the GP review, mine never sounded compact.

the low end always kicked like a mule when asked.

by rolling the volume you could get nice pop tones as well. but i agree that the HB version would do it better.

my only complaint would be the volume pot, i prefer a more gradual taper. the p90 version uses a slightly higher value cap on the tone than i would personally choose.

they use a .033 and i would grab some more highs by installing a .011 or slightly higher.

but i don't design them.

that would be a cool job!

i haven't had opportunity to try the hotter pickups, but my local store is supposed to get a new shipment soon. maybe they will finally get a new LGhb.

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Zan, if they do and you try it, let us know.


Somehow, I don't think I need to ask you to do that. Well, just in case...

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